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About Fruition Studio

Corey Bairre

Fruition: attainment of anything desired; realization; accomplishment.

At Fruition Studio, we are in the business of turning your ideas and ambition into something you can share with the world. Whether you are a musician yourself, or need music created for a project or event, this is the place where all the artistic and technical pieces come together to create something unique and impactful.

Bringing something to Fruition is all about removing barriers, plowing through excuses, and finding creative solutions to problems. If there are obstacles holding you back, if you're not sure you have the skills or the budget or the connections to realize your dreams or goals, we can work through these concerns. You might be surprised about how far you can go with what you have and where we can take you.

Clients Fruition Studio Has Served...



Sound Recording

Sound Recording Services

Fruition Studio is set up for recording, mixing, and mastering of a wide variety of musical genres.

Artist Development

Artist Development Services

Preparing the skills of musicians to the point where they are ready to create professional sounding recordings.

Musical Arrangement

Musical Arrangement Services

Fruition Studio can provide full instrumentation to support song production for singer-songwriters.

Commissioned Composition

Commissioned Composition Services

Need a theme song for your web videos? Background music for a commercial? Full score for a film, documentary, or video game?